Before we get to far into this, thanks for visiting the WSOTP Shop. Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions below before contacting us with questions. If you still can't find the answer you're looking for, drop us an email at wrongsideofthepond@gmail.com.

So, what exactly is Wrong Side of the Pond?
Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, WSOTP is an American soccer website written from the fan's perspective. Visit the blog for weekly opinion pieces, weblinks, pictures and thoughts on soccer culture on both sides of the pond. Additionally, visit the WSOTP Soccer Pub Atlas to find one of 235+ soccer friendly bars across the country. www.wrongsideofthepond.com

Where did the designs featured on the shirts come from?
All designs (thus far) have spawned from the depths of the brain of WSOTP.

Will further designs be available in the future?
Yes, there will be future designs. At bare minimum, expect a design for the next US-Mexico game in September. If you have a design you would like to submit, or just have an idea, I'm all ears.

Who makes the shirts on offer in the shop? And will they shrink?
The shirts are screen printed on American Apparel Fine Jersey Tee Shirts, which are either 100% cotton or a 90/10% blend with polyester. When it comes to shrinkage, look again at what they're made of... cotton. So yes, they will shrink a bit.

I've selected an item I want to purchase, but can't figure out where to pay.
Click on "Cart" or the total dollar amount of your purchase in the left hand navigation to access the checkout screen.

What's up with 10% from every purchase going to the US Soccer Foundation?
While making money is always cool, I've always wanted to try to find a way to make in impact in the American soccer community. By donating 10% from every shirt purchase to the US Soccer Foundation, WSOTP will help underserved communities foster and develop future US soccer stars.

Which carrier my order being shipped to me through, and can I get a tracking number?
All shipments will be completed using the US Postal Service, including international shipments. Larger international orders may be subject to a further cost than noted at the time of purchase. If I'm able to pass along a tracking number, I will do so.

How long will it take for my order to reach me?
Well, that depends on several factors. Since WSOTP does not currently carry inventory, orders are currently being pooled into batches of 15-20 pre-orders, and then sent in mass to the screening company. In most cases, we'll aim to have you order to you in less than 4 weeks from the order date. My aim is to develop a working inventory of shirts once demand is better established.

I think I need a refund/exchange/return.
All returns, exchanges and refunds will be handled on an individual basis. Please contact me via email at wrongsideofthepond@gmail.com